Please read the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Why aren't prices listed on your website?
  • There are a number of reasons why we don’t list our prices of the larger items on our website. One is that our prices change. We offer the best price that we can on our items, which can fluctuate based on shipping costs and offers we can get from our vendors. Second, for our custom pieces, we need to get a quote from our builder to have the most accurate price. Additionally, we charge whatever the cheapest rate for shipping is that we can find. That takes us a little time to compare between carriers. Most importantly, we feel customer service is our most important job and what makes small businesses unique. We want to talk to you, make sure you understand the product, and be satisfied with your purchase. Does this make the process a little more complicated and time consuming? Yes. But knowing you will be satisfied the first time without having to make a return, and making sure that you are getting the correct product for your need and suggesting alternatives if you are not, is well worth the extra time and effort.

  • How can I order something I see on the website or on Facebook?
  • If you see something on the online shopping portion of our website, please order through our website. Rest assured that the site is secure and that we don’t receive or store any of your credit card information.

    If you see something on the other portion of our website or on Facebook, the best way is to start with an email to [email protected] or call us at 715-339-6238. After we know the item that you are interested in, we will check the availability of the item and let you know the price including the 5.5% Wisconsin State Tax. We can either hold items at the store for pick up or, in many cases, ship items to you. To ship items we need your zip code to get a shipping quote. We use the best method for shipping based on the product. Smaller items usually ship USPS, with larger items on UPS or FedEx. Because of the size and weight of the Amish log furniture, shipping becomes more complicated. The pieces come to us pre-assembled and wrapped in moving blankets by our Amish builder whom hires a driver to delivery to us once a month. Larger items can be shipped, however it may require freight carrier which can be expensive. Again, we like to have these conversations with you so that we can figure the best way to get you want you are looking for. We accept payment in form of a check via the mail, by processing a credit card over the phone, or by sending you a secure invoice to pay via email through the Square network. We do not keep credit card numbers on file.

  • Do you build your own products?
  • No, all of our products are purchased from vendors or made by local craftsmen. When Cabin Creations was first established in the early 2000s, some furniture was built on-site by the original owners. We do not have access to, or the ability to, make any pieces. However, we use the same Amish builders as the previous owners did, and he can do many custom pieces.

  • Why don't you have everything in the store listed online?
  • Our selection of items is constantly changing. Many items are one-of-a-kind. With literally thousands of items in the store, we simply can’t keep up with the website! We do take some group pictures of new arrivals or specific items and post them on our Facebook page. If you find something you like on Facebook, simply email us [email protected] or give a call at 715-339-6238 and we can get you the information you need to make a purchase.

  • Do you offer discounts or package deals?
  • Generally, we offer our best prices on all items in our store at all times. We are a best price store, meaning we don’t pad our prices just to give a “deal.” We’d rather be straight forward and fair to everyone. That being said, based on the quantity, there are times that we are able to talk to our vendors and builders and get them to extend a discount which we then extend to you.

  • Is Cabin Creations open year round?
  • Yes! We are open year round, 7 days a week! We are closed for the major holidays, and in the event of extreme weather conditions. We will post on our Facebook page for any unexpected closings.