Outdoor Furniture

We feature two types of outdoor furniture, both made in the USA! Our Poly Lumber outdoor furniture is Mennonite-made in Wisconsin out of recycled plastic, similar to the product used for patios. We typically stock swivel-glider rockers, end tables, and 4' benches. A number of additional pieces are also available such as chaise lounge chairs, stationary pieces, and picnic tables. Items with backs can include designs or plain. Our most popular styles are bear, moose, tree, deer and loon. Additional back designs are available. Items not in stock can be ordered and are typically available within 2-4 weeks of ordering. Most items can be shipped, partially assembled.

Our second type of outdoor furniture is cedar, made in the UP of Michigan. This furniture comes unassembled and unfinished for ease of transportation and color matching. We typically stock chairs, rockers, round and oval end tables, standing tea sets, pergolas, swinging tea sets, and 5' swings. The cedar is of high quality and very sturdy. Additional pieces such as love seats, benches, and bridges are available. Orders are placed with the company typically once or twice a year, with no available orders during late summer-early spring.

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