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Teach Me Tuesday – Highland Home Coasters September 13, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about the absorbent stone coasters from Highland Home. We love that they can be purchased individually and are printed in the USA!

Teach Me Tuesday – On the Dot Game September 6, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Check out the challenging game, On the Dot! It can be played individually or as a time race against others.

Teach Me Tuesday – Paine Cabin Incense Burner August 30, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Check out these cute cabin incense burners from Paine Products, founded in 1931!

Teach Me Tuesday – Scout Jewelry August 23, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about Scout Jewelry, a new and trendy offering at Cabin Creations that gives 10% back to causes for women!

Teach Me Tuesday – Kitchen Boas and Expandable Trivets August 16, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about Demdaco’s Kitchen Boas and Expandable Trivets! Don’t forget to like the video to be entered to win our $5 weekly Cabin Cash giveaway!

Teach Me Tuesday – Posies & Such Stationery August 9, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about Posies & Such Stationery, made by artist Donna Jensen in Colorado.

Teach Me Tuesday – Anniversary Fun! August 2, 2019

Check out our anniversary fun!

Teach Me Tuesday – Window Crystals from Ganz July 26, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Check out window crystals from Ganz, including the best selling cardinal, bluebird, flowers and more.

Teach Me Tuesday – Firebuggz Campfire Accessories July 22, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about Firebuggz campfire accessories. We’ve had the fun fire fishing poles for a number of years, and this year they came out with some more fun pieces!

Teach Me Tuesday – Kikkerland Kits July 12, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about the Kikkerland Emergency Kits. We have technology, eyeglasses and sewing kits available and they are just $8.95. Nice to have on hand for so many occasions!

Teach Me Tuesday – Wind & Willow Dips July 12, 2019

Super Happy Tuesday everyone! Today learn more about our Wind & Willow dips, great for entertaining or to take along to a party this week. They are quick, simple and taste great! And it’s a Super Happy Tuesday today because we are getting some concrete at the splash pad today!

Teach Me Tuesday – Cash & Carry Markets June 28, 2019

Happy Tuesday! As you saw yesterday, we attended a cash & carry market in Madison yesterday. Learn why we go and have a sneak peek of a few things that we found while there!

Teach Me Tuesday – Eco-Friendly Straw Options June 20, 2019

Happy Tuesday! We love the beauty and wildlife in the Northwoods and try to do our part to help out. The USA uses an estimated 500 million plastic straws a DAY! Check out our eco-friendly options in this week’s video.

Teach Me Tuesday – Bloody Mary Ideas June 14, 2019

Happy Tuesday! This Sunday is Father’s Day, and we thought it might be fun to share our Bloody Mary items. Add a bottle of vodka and you’ve got a gift basket ready to go!

Teach Me Tuesday – Shaggies June 7, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about Shaggies, a chenille cloth that can be used on just about everything! Be sure to like our video each week for your chance to win Cabin Cash!

Teach Me Tuesday – IHF Rugs May 31, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about IHF braided jute rugs. They are extremely durable, reversible, and available in oval or rectangle in 20+ colors. Rug sixes from 20″x30″ up to 8’x10′, plus table top as well. All orders of $100 or more can ship for free right to your home!

Teach Me Tuesday – Write It Down Journals May 21, 2019

Learn more about Write It Down Journals, made in the USA! We have everything from camping to bucket lists, and dreams to bird watching!

Teach Me Tuesday – Fab Habitat Rugs May 17, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about Fab Habitat recycled plastic rugs. Great for patios, screen porches and campers!

Teach Me Tuesday – Fire & Pine Maps May 10, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about Fire & Pine maps, made in South Carolina and a great addition to our store!

Teach Me Tuesday – QMT Wind Chimes May 10, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about QMT Windchimes, made in the USA and a great gift for wedding season! Check out comments to hear what they sound like!

Yankee Large Jars 2 for $40 May 3, 2019

Celebrate Mother’s Day with 2 for $40 Large Jar Candles. Don’t forget to ask about our Yankee Candle Club. For every 5 candles purchased, you receive the 6th one free! We also offer free gift wrapping on most items in the store!

Teach Me Tuesday – Door County Confectionery April 19, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Door County Confectionery has been making delicious treats for 45 years. Each order we receive is made fresh in Door County, WI. We have lots of yummy things for Easter Baskets!

Teach Me Tuesday – Nod Products April 12, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Check out 6 new products from a new company, Nod. Great gifts for millennials and outdoor-lovers!

Teach Me Tuesday – Dog Pile and Cat Stax April 5, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Check out Dog Pile and Cat Stax, a fun, independent game for older kids, teens, and adults.

Teach Me Tuesday – Tolo Outdoor Lounge April 5, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about our upcoming Spring Cleaning Sale and the outdoor lounge chair that is on sale!

Teach Me Tuesday – Reusable Bowl Covers March 22, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Check out these washable and reusable dish covers! Good for the environment and cute too!

Teach Me Tuesday – Bob’s Butt Wipes March 15, 2019

Happy Tuesday! We’re trying to lighten the mood of this long-lasting winter and upcoming rainstorm with a fun, new product, Bob’s Butt Wipes. They are exactly what they sound like 🙂 The great part is they are septic and sewer safe, and biodegradible, so they are perfect for camping, hunting, or home use!

Teach Me Tuesday – Neck Warmers March 8, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Stay warm and sooth muscle aches and colds with our lavender infused neck wraps!

Teach Me Tuesday – Tar Hong March 4, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about the new melamine dishes that arrived yesterday! Dishwasher and microwave safe, and stylish too!

Teach Me Tuesday – New Candle Warmers and Melts February 20, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about the new fan-powered fragrance warmers from Candle Warmers and their essential oil based wax melts!

Teach Me Thursday – How Our Prints Are Made February 6, 2019

Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry we missed you on Tuesday! Learn more about the current WinterFest Shop Local event, as well as how are wall prints are put together. It’s an interesting one!

Teach Me Tuesday – Snoozies Slippers February 6, 2019

Happy CHILLY Tuesday everyone! Learn more about cozy Snoozies slippers! It’s perfect weather for it! Don’t forget to watch the video to see if you are winner of Cabin Cash this week.

Teach Me Tuesday – Soak It Up Cloths February 6, 2019

Happy (late) Tuesday! Learn more about compostable, eco-friendly Soak It Up Cloths.

Join us for a Puzzle Exchange January 31, 2019

We’re trying something new! Join us in our first Puzzle Exchange! Drop off a puzzle (or a few) by February 8th. Put your name and phone number on the box if you’d like it back and please be sure all the pieces are included. Then join us February 9th between 2-3pm to pick up your…

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Shop Local WinterFest January 21, 2019

Shop Local During WinterFest and Win!

Teach Me Tuesday – Marshfield Furniture January 21, 2019

Happy Tuesday! We received some beautiful furniture in today from Marshfield Furniture! Watch our live video as our Teach Me Tuesday!

Teach Me Tuesday – Yankee Candle Club January 21, 2019

Happy Tuesday! It’s good to be back! Learn more about the new Yankee Candle Club.

Teach Me Tuesday – Stocking Stuffers January 21, 2019

Happy Tuesday everyone! Christmas is only 1 week away! Watch for lots of ideas for stocking stuffers, mostly for adults and teens!

Shop Kids Gift Ideas January 21, 2019

Gift ideas for kids! Games, puzzles and more!

Shop Gift Ideas For Men January 21, 2019

We’re showing you great gift ideas for men.

Teach Me Thursday – Yooper Chook Hats January 21, 2019

Happy Thursday everyone! I decided I just had to do a video today to show you the new Yooper Chook hats. You are going to love them!

Teach Me Tuesday – Play Foam Pals January 21, 2019

Do you have little ones on your shopping list? Or do you have some grandkids or great-nieces, cousins, etc who will be over for the holidays? Play Foam Pals are a great stocking stuffer or to just have on hand just in case!

Teach Me Tuesday – Pine Fragrances for Your Home January 21, 2019

Happy Tuesday! More technology glitches, but here we are! Most people like the smell of pine at Christmas, and we have options for you, from candles to essential oils and even cute little cabins!

Shop the Naughty Box November 26, 2018

Check out the live video and “shop the naughty box.” Caution ** profanities in this video! Feel free to call or email us if you are interested in something you see here.

Teach Me Tuesday – Polar Mitts November 26, 2018

It’s doesn’t seem to be warming up soon, so check out our Polar Mitts, sure to keep your hands warm!

Teach Me Tuesday – Snoozies Socks November 26, 2018

Learn more about Snoozies Socks, a favorite gift for the holidays!

Teach Me Tuesday – Spirit Valley Dressings November 26, 2018

Learn more about the new dressings from Spirit Valley.    

Teach Me Tuesday – Lighted vases and string lights. November 26, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about our lighted vases and battery operated string lights as we start to decorate for the season!

Earn Cabin Bucks this hunting season! November 16, 2018

Get your own bucks this hunting season – Cabin Bucks! During all of hunting season, November 17-25, earn $5 Cabin Bucks for every $50 you spend! Cabin Bucks are redeemable in January for any merchandise in our store! It’s an early Small Business Saturday offer as our thank you to all of you for shopping…

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Holiday Open House on November 3rd October 22, 2018

Kick off the holiday season by joining us for our Holiday Open House on Saturday, November 3rd. Get the first look at our holiday décor (which is sure to go fast), sample some new products (Strawberry Poppyseed Salad Dressing, Cherry Honey Mustard Dip) and the best-selling Wild Rice Soup from Maggie’s and Mary’s, and receive…

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Teach Me Tuesday – Park Designs Curtains October 22, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about our curtains by Park Designs and the available options for ordering.

Teach Me Tuesday – Clearance Sale October 13 October 22, 2018

The weather is cold and crummy, but the shopping will be good this weekend! Learn more about our Clearance Sale, about the market that we went to yesterday, and listen all the way to the end for a winner of $5 Cabin Cash!

Teach Me Tuesday – Kanoodle October 22, 2018

Learn more about Kanoodle, an independant play game with three different levels, great for kids and adults alike!  

Teach Me Tuesday – Flap Jack Kids September 29, 2018

Happy Tuesday! With cooler weather approaching, learn more about Flap Jack Kids, the adorable, reversible children’s hats and accessories!

Teach Me Tuesday – Fall Harvest Fest September 22, 2018

Check out what we had in store for Fall Harvest Fest!

Teach Me Tuesday – I Am Puzzles September 22, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about I Am Puzzles! They were one of Oprah’s Favorite Things last year and we were finally able to get a reorder this summer!

Fall Harvest Fest in Phillips September 9, 2018

One of our favorite days of the year is coming up soon – the Phillips Fall Harvest Fest! It is so wonderful to see many families enjoying the Phillips area. At Cabin Creations, we will have delicious fall inspired food samples, 10% off all food items, and a gift basket giveaway. Throughout the Phillips area…

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Teach Me Tuesday – Permanent Botanicals September 9, 2018

Ever wonder why our store looks so home-y? A lot has to do with the floral around the store. Watch these quick tips to spruce up your home!

Teach Me Tuesday – Color Changing Story Mugs September 9, 2018

We love these beautiful new mugs! What a fantastic gift for a tea or coffee drinker. Watch the magic of the color changing!

Teach Me Tuesday – Beamo Frisbees September 9, 2018

These Frisbees are the best! They fly far, have a soft edge, float, and the huge one is HUGE!  

How to Use an Essential Oil Diffusor August 20, 2018

Have you wondered how essential oil diffusers work? Check this video to learn more!

Teach Me Tuesday – Wine Bottle Socks August 20, 2018

Learn more about wine socks – a perfect gift to go with a nice bottle of wine!

Teach Me Tuesday – The Naughty Box August 20, 2018

Please let us preface this post with saying that it contains some profanities and that we do not intend to offend anyone. Check out our “naughty box”, a secret box in our back room that has items with curse words. They are BIG sellers for us, but we keep the discretely in the back, just…

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Teach Me Tuesday – Our 6th Anniversary August 4, 2018

Happy Tuesday! With our 6th Anniversary coming up tomorrow, I thought I would give a little background to how we took over the business and thank some great people who have helped make it a success! We wouldn’t be here without a great staff (Judy, Kayla, Lynn, Elicia, Courtney, and Sally), support from our family…

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Teach Me Tuesday – Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game August 4, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Watch this video to learn about one of our kids’ favorite games, The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game.

It’s Our 6th Anniversary! July 30, 2018

It’s hard to believe that it is already our 6th anniversary here at Cabin Creations! What a fun journey it has been so far! We are fortunate to have met such wonderful people through our business. Whether it be residents of Phillips, seasonal home owners, or passerby traveler, we are truly blessed to have such…

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Teach Me Tuesday – Fun Gadgets from Kikkerland July 28, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Check out a few fun gadgets from Kikkerland. The head massager is the best (or the worst!)

Teach Me Tuesday – Wind & Willow Dip Mixes July 28, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Have you had that panic of getting a last minute invitation to a party and don’t have anything on hand to bring with? Check out these super delicious and easy dip mixes. With fresh veggie season here, it’s the perfect addition to a veggie platter!

July 20, 2018

Please join us for our 6th Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday, August 1st. We will have delicious food samples, a free gift with a $20 purchase, and a fun Tenzi game to win gift certificates. If you haven’t played Tenzi before, we’ll be rolling 10 dice and counting how many rolls it takes to get to…

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Teach Me Tuesday – Tenzi July 20, 2018

Learn how to play a fun dice game, Tenzi. It’s a great game for all ages and perfect for holiday gatherings!

Teach Me Tuesday – Made in Wisconsin Food Items June 28, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about the food items we have available from our great state of Wisconsin, as well as new flavored dried cranberries that we found yesterday at the buyer’s market!

Teach Me Tuesday – Glo-pals June 21, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Check out this SUPER FUN new Glo-pals. They are battery operated light up cubes for the bathtub. I seriously played with these all afternoon yesterday when the came in!  

Teach Me Tuesday – THS Woods Project June 13, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Learn about how we support a local school and wood shop project!

Teach Me Tuesday – Outdoor Poly Lumber Furniture June 6, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Busier days mean later Teach Me Tuesday posts! Today we took a few minutes to sit out in the sunshine and explain our popular outdoor poly lumber furniture. It’s a no maintenance, long-lasting investment to help you enjoy the outdoors!

Teach Me Tuesday – Natural Mosquito Solutions May 17, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Warmer weather in Wisconsin brings mosquitoes! We have some natural solutions to help keep them away from you. Watch our video to learn more!  

Door County Confectionery Sale! May 2, 2018

Treat Mom to some sweet for Mother’s Day! All Door County Confectionery items are on sale through May 14th!

Teach Me Tuesday – Bare Honey May 1, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about Bare Honey- raw, unpasteurized honey from bees in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Teach Me Tuesday – Meissenburg Designs Customized Signs April 28, 2018

Happy Teach Me Tuesday! Check out the customized Meissenburg Design signs. From fishing to garages and skiing to cabins, there are hundreds of designs to choose from!

Teach Me Tuesday – OgoSport April 17, 2018

Check out these neat OgoSport discs! They can bounce a ball, fly like a frisbee, and float in the water. They sure are fun to play with!

Teach Me Tuesday – The Floral Truck April 12, 2018

It’s Teach Me Tuesday! Check out how we buy our floral. Today we shopped from Meravic’s mobile floral show room from our parking lot. We shop for the upcoming season and always find a lot of goodies. Floral is one of the easiest ways to add color and texture to your home. Try a pick…

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Yankee Old Label Sale! April 12, 2018

We’re cleaning out some inventory! Check out our “Old Label” sale! All Yankee candles with old labels are available at 40% off!

Teach Me Tuesday – Customized Lake Maps April 4, 2018

It’s Teach Me Tuesday! Learn more about customized lake maps, a great gift for a lake home owner, a fisherman, or someone who grew up visiting a certain lake!

Teach Me Tuesday – Big White Yeti Candles March 27, 2018

It’s Teach Me Tuesday! Learn more about Big White Yeti Candles, made in Milwaukee with soy wax and essential oils. I LOVE to smell them!

Teach Me Tuesday – Cheese Knife March 20, 2018

It’s Teach Me Tuesday! Learn more about Cheese Knives in this video. And we may have eaten a bit too much cheese in the process…

Teach Me Tuesday – Two Bros Bows March 13, 2018

Happy Tuesday! Learn more about Two Bros Bows, a company started by two brothers (ages 7 and 9!) Speaking from experience in the store this morning, this is definitely fun to play with!

Teach Me Tuesday – Maggie & Mary’s Soup March 6, 2018

Happy Teach Me Tuesday! In honor of the cold and snowy day, I’d like to teach you about the delicious Maggie & Mary’s Soup Mix. Dinner problem, solved! #teachmetuesday

Teach Me Tuesday – Himalayan Salt Lamp February 27, 2018

It’s Teach Me Tuesday! Check out our new Himalayan Salt Lamps! Not only pretty to look at, but there are health benefits too! (Please excuse my fumbling over words this morning!) #teachmetuesday

Teach Me Tuesday – Something’s Amiss Puzzles February 20, 2018

Happy Teach Me Tuesday! If you are a puzzle lover or are looking for something to pass the time these last weeks of winter, check out these new puzzles with a twist! We love them! #teachemetuesday

Teach Me Tuesday – Free Valentine’s Day Delivery! February 13, 2018

Did you see that we are offering free gift delivery for Valentine’s Day? Watch the video or go to our Facebook page for details!

Teach Me Tuesday – Mangiacotti February 6, 2018

It’s Teach Me Tuesday! Learn about our organic and essential oil based body care line, Mangiacotti. Made in the USA and wonderful! #teachmetuesday

Teach Me Tuesday – Facebook Tips January 30, 2018

Happy Teach Me Tuesday! Today we’re learning about settings on Facebook to help you stay informed about your favorite pages!

Teach Me Tuesday – Denali Throws January 23, 2018

It’s Teach Me Tuesday! Check out these AMAZING blankets, made in WI! #teachmetuesday

Teach Me Tuesday – Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty January 16, 2018

It’s Teach Me Tuesday! Check out Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty! It’s a ton of fun to play with and we have some really neat varieties!

Teach Me Tuesday Cash and Carry Market January 9, 2018

It’s Teach Me Tuesday! Here’s a video from the cash and carry market from yesterday. There’s some insight on how the markets work, and a sneak peak of some of our great finds!

Teach Me Tuesday – Popping Cobs January 2, 2018

In 2018 we hope to teach you more about the great products at Cabin Creations. Here’s our first installment of Teach Me Tuesday, featuring Popping Cobs from Baraboo, WI!